Combating The Summer Roof Hazards

Combating The Summer Roof Hazards

Commercial roofing services are offered at Eagle Rivet year-round and throughout those hot summer months. Although summer is far from the dangers of winter there are hazards and dangers to your roof that the hot summer months bring with them, including heat damage, color fade, moisture, storms and debris.

One of the unseen and yet most dangerous problems for roofs during the summer is heat damage. You can often see the color fade from a roof, or you can see streaks from the outside. UV damage can cause roofs to warp or crack, leaving you with a hefty repair bill. When your shingles are weak, it can lead to cracks which will leak and let in water leading to roof rot and deterioration.

Storms and high winds will also wreak havoc on roofs. Rain, strong winds and hail can all cause debris to collect on your roof, putting weight on the roof’s structure. Shingles can also get cracked or develop holes from hail. If the hail is large enough, shingles can completely fall off. In this case, you would need professional Boston roofing contractors to help put up stronger roofing material that holds up to severe weather.

Moisture is also a concern in the summer months. When moisture seeps into a roof, it can cause wood to rot and form mildew or mold. Just a small amount of water seeping into a roof can cause a lot of damage. When you see a leak in your roof, get it repaired right away to avoid high repair or even replacement costs down the line.

With commercial roof maintenance in Massachusetts from Eagle Rivet rest assured that the roofing materials will be strong enough to hold up against weathering. From TPO to EPDM, our roofing materials are resistant to weathering, cracks, dents, moisture and are extremely flexible. The materials we use also reflect UV rays to prevent heat damage and to save money on energy costs. From high winds to heat and severe storms, our roofs are designed to last for years.