Break Up the Urban Effect with a Green Roof from Eagle Rivet

Break Up the Urban Effect with a Green Roof from Eagle Rivet

If you are in the Massachusetts area and are looking for a reliable commercial and residential Massachusetts roofing contractor, Eagle Rivet has experience to provide you with a sustainable green roof that saves you money. Since choosing the correct roof will determine how much you save on energy costs, always make sure you pick the right one.

Why are Green Roofs so Popular Now?

Green roofs provide an eco-friendly option that are gracing city roofs everywhere. They are great especially in the urban environment to break up the hustle and bustle of the city. They also help to reduce the urban heat effect and provide cleaner air in some of the most polluted areas. Let mother nature take the place of your roof and help to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money! Our Boston roofers can help to create a green roof/outdoor oasis.

Common Roof Materials that Do Not Compare to Green Roof Quality

Many roof materials promise a great outcome only to let you down in performance and cost. With asphalt roofing, black colored asphalt will heat up very quickly and UV rays will quickly deteriorate the material. Asphalt also accounts for 11 million tons of landfill waste, being neither economical or sustainable. Flat roofs are great for commercial buildings since they are high performing and resist damage. However, there are many flat roofs in a city and green roofs are more appealing to break up the urban feel. Shingle roofs are another roof type that are common, but will not hold up well in a severe storm. Shingles will easily break off from debris, snow, hail, tree limbs, heavy wind, etc.  Although inexpensive, they will only last about 20 years until you will need a new roof. 

Why is it Better Than Other Roof Types?

Green roofs offer a lot that others don’t: they protect the building from direct UV rays, manage storm runoff, increase longevity of the membrane and reduce noise and air pollution. Green roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can retain 60 – 100% of storm water. This saves you money on energy, making it a cheaper roofing material in the long run. As urbanization increases, the necessity to replace city space with green space in increasing.

If you are looking to upgrade your roof to a modern and sustainable green roof, contact Eagle Rivet today. With Boston roof repair, you can have a reliable roof that is also great for urban environments. Green roofs have increased in popularity due to the amount of years they last, the money they save annually on energy bills and their ability to reuse Earth’s precious resources. Make a positive impact on the environment today and install a green roof from Eagle Rivet!