Learn About EPDM Roofing (A Top Roofing Choice)

Learn About EPDM Roofing (A Top Roofing Choice)

EPDM has become a popular roofing choice for professional roofers. With its versatility and its durability to withstand various elements, it’s become a go-to for Massachusetts roofing contractors as well. Here are some answers to FAQs that help explain why EPDM roofing is a top choice for homeowners and businesses today.

fairfield-university-regina1What Does EPDM stand for?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is a very durable rubber membrane which is commonly used around the world. We use Firestone EPDM which is high quality and has helped us to build superior commercial roofing systems for 30 years.

Will My EPDM Roofing Come Backed by a Warranty?

The EPDM roofing system comes with a 20-year warranty in case of weathering, deterioration or factory defects.

Does EPDM come in Various Colors?

The colors that are available for EPDM is limited to black and white on black. The black EPDM color will resist UV and ozone, having a longer life and more environmentally friendly. The white on black color will have a cooler temperature but has a shorter useful life than the black color. Although the white on black color will also chalk after years of usage, it is a more energy-efficient option. Our Boston commercial roofers are equipped to install both types of EPDM roofing.

Can I install EPDM over my Existing Roof?

EPDM can be installed over an existing roof, but you need to add a new layer of 5/8 plywood with 5/8 OSB board. Or, you can use a polyisocyanurate board with fiberglass as a backing to protect the new EPDM.

How Can EPDM Performance Be Rated Over the Past 40 Years?

The roofing industries are continuing year after year to use EPDM. Past products like shingles did not hold up to the high standards that EPDM sets for houses. The material lasts longer and resists weathering. In the time you need to replace your EPDM roofing, you will have had to replace your shingles on your roof about four times. Over a billion feet of membrane is installed across the world, according to the EPDM Roofing Association. It has performed well in all weather conditions and holds unique characteristics that include:

  • Strong UV resistance
  • Strong resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Strong resistance against hail
  • Will not shatter or become brittle with low-temperature flexibility
  • Has unmatched resistance to thermal shock
  • Reduces A/C costs while still maintaining a durability


Since homeowners and roofing professionals across the world seem to both agree that EPDM roofing performs at an outstanding rate, consider giving EPDM a try! We can offer you a free roof evaluation, to ensure you will get the best quality products specifically designed for your roof type. Contact our Boston and Tewksbury roof replacement contractors today to see if EPDM is right for you!