Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing Company: A Business Owner’s Guide

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Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing Company: A Business Owner’s Guide

There’s a good reason why the commercial roofing market is expected to be worth a staggering $19.4 billion by 2032. Millions of businesses rely on these professionals to keep their commercial operations running smoothly.

Remember that all it takes is one leak to completely trip up your staff. Unfortunately, not every commercial roofing company is created equal. If you choose the cheapest option you’re going to be left with subpar work that will cost you a lot more money down the line.

So how do you select the right commercial roofing guide? The secret is to ask all the right questions.

So to help you out, we’ll be going over some of the things you should ask your commercial roofing contractor before hiring them. That way, you’re sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Do They Have Positive Reviews?

One of the first things you want to check out is a commercial roofing company’s reviews from past clients. A quick Google search should easily reveal this, but you can also check on sites like Yelp.

When searching through these reviews, it’s important to take some of them with a grain of salt. The occasional bad review is to be expected, but if the vast majority of them are negative, it should be viewed as a clear red flag.

This is a great way to immediately filter out some of the commercial roofing options from your list. Once you have two or three good options, you can move on to the next phase.

Do They Have Experience and Referrals?

Just because a company has experience with roofing doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your commercial business. Working on residential roofs is a lot different than working on commercial ones.

So if a contractor has worked on roofs before, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good fit. Even within commercial roofing, there can be huge variations in material and design.

Make sure you choose a contractor that brings experience and expertise from the commercial sector. One way you can verify this is through referrals. Referrals can be viewed as more in-depth customer reviews.

The roofing company will give you the contact information of past clients so you can ask them about their experience.

If you’re asking for referrals, make sure you have a list of questions prepared. It’s good to ask them not only about the finished job, but how the commercial company handled the work before, during, and after.

Do They Have Proper Licenses?

Different states have different roofer licensing requirements. Some states require no license to operate. Others require licenses for jobs that are over a certain dollar amount.

As such, make sure to check the licensing requirements in the state where your business is located. That way, you can verify that the commercial roofing company you choose is qualified to be doing their job.

Do They Have Proof of Insurance?

You need to verify proof of insurance before proceeding with any commercial roof job. Why? Because new roof work is extremely dangerous. It’s estimated that 2.8 million non-fatal accidents occur at the workplace each year.

A large percentage of these occur at hazardous job sites like roof work. If the roofing company doesn’t carry insurance, then you might be held responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises.

So what types of insurance policies should professional roofers have? At the very least they need the following:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Surety bonds
  • General liability

However, for some particular jobs, you might want additional policies. Discuss insurance needs with the commercial roofers. They should be open to answering any questions that are relevant to the job.

Can They Provide the Type of Commercial Roof Services You Need?

There are many different commercial roof styles and materials out there. As such, you want to make sure that the roofing contractor can cater to your needs.

For example, here at Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation, we can handle metal roofs, flat roofs, EPDM roofs, and many more types.

Be careful around companies who have never worked on your type of roof before but claim they can handle it. This learning experience for them will likely result in subpar work that requires frequent maintenance and repairs.

Do They Help With Maintenance or Repairs?

Even the best roof jobs will eventually break down. When this happens it’s helpful to have a roofing contractor that’s familiar with your specific commercial roof.

As such, make sure that the contractor also provides repair services. The importance of maintenance also can’t be understated. As we note in this guide, proper maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of metal commercial roofs.

While it represents an expense, there’s no denying that it’s more affordable than repairs or replacements. Make sure that your contractor can provide you with the necessary maintenance over the lifespan of the roof.

Do They Provide You With an Accurate Quote?

When working with a roofing company after the initial consultation, ask for a quote estimate for the job. Specifically, you want an itemized quote that breaks down the specific costs associated with everything.

If a roofing company can’t give you a quote, you should look elsewhere. This is a clear sign that they’ll likely try to rip you off by increasing the price throughout the job.

Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple quotes from multiple roofing companies. That way you can pick the right one for your budget.

Ready for the Commercial Roofing Company You Deserve? Contact Eagle Rivet

We hope this guide helped you learn more about picking the right type of commercial roofing service. Here at Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation, we approach every commercial roofing project with longevity in mind.

Whether it’s a simple repair or an entire replacement, we want to make sure that your building’s roof lasts for years to come.

When you pair that with unbeatable customer service and timely results, it’s easy to see why people in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island have been turning to us for years. If you’re ready to get the commercial roof services you deserve, contact us today.

Choosing The Right Commercial Roofing Company (FAQs)

What services does a commercial roofing company offer?

  • A commercial roofing company specializes in providing a wide range of roofing services tailored to the needs of commercial and industrial properties. These services may include roof installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection, as well as roof replacement and restoration. Additionally, some commercial roofing companies offer expertise in specific roofing materials and systems to meet the unique requirements of commercial buildings.

How do I choose the right commercial roofing company for my project?

  • Selecting the right commercial roofing company involves thorough research and consideration of several factors. Look for a company with extensive experience in commercial roofing projects and a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. Additionally, consider factors such as licensing, insurance coverage, warranties offered, and customer reviews and testimonials. A reputable commercial roofing company will offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

What types of commercial roofing systems does a commercial roofing company work with?

  • A reputable commercial roofing company typically works with a variety of roofing systems tailored to the unique requirements of commercial and industrial buildings. These may include flat roofing systems such as TPO, EPDM, PVC, built-up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen, and metal roofing systems. Each roofing system has its advantages and suitability for different applications, and a skilled commercial roofing company can provide expert guidance on selecting the right system for your property.

How often should I schedule maintenance with a commercial roofing company for my building?

  • Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan and performance of your commercial roofing system. It’s recommended to schedule maintenance inspections with a commercial roofing company at least twice a year, ideally before the start of the winter and summer seasons. These inspections allow roofing professionals to identify and address any potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs and extending the life of your roof.

What sets a reputable commercial roofing company apart from the competition?

  • A reputable commercial roofing company distinguishes itself through several key attributes, including extensive experience and expertise in commercial roofing projects, a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, transparent communication and pricing, adherence to industry best practices and safety standards, and the use of high-quality materials and advanced roofing technologies. Additionally, reputable commercial roofing companies often provide comprehensive warranties and ongoing support to ensure the long-term performance and durability of your commercial roofing system.

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