Peter T. Paul Building / University of New Hampshire

About This Project

Project Type: Commercial Roofing

Materials: Fire-rated vapor barrier, 12 x 16 non-fading gray slate, SNOGEM Copper Snowguards, Sarnafil roofing membrane, 18 x 18 Roofblock Leed White Pavers.

Eagle Rivet worked on the Peter T. Paul building at the University of New Hampshire. This was a large commercial roofing project done by our talented team. The video below shows our project in real-time being recorded. It’s a time-lapse video of the hard work put together by our team. While the building was being constructed, the video recorded over 200,000 photos, recorded by two webcams on a local roof nearby.

This commercial roofing project was done by using a fire-rated vapor barrier to every flat roof deck and slope on the building. An insulated composite board containing fire-rated plywood was installed on the slope of the roof. On the top layer of the roof, a 12 x 16 non-fading gray slate was installed with SNOGEM Copper Snowguards and rails.

Tapered Energy3 25PSI ISO, 1/2″ Densdeck, 60 mil Sarnafil membrane was installed on top of the flat roof. For other roofs, we installed 18″x18″ Roofbloxk Leed White Pavers.

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