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EPDM is roofing specially designed for commercial buildings that need roof replacement or repair. EPDM is known as the rubber roof, which is a big technological advancement from roofs 20 years ago. From withstanding weathering to being a top pick by contractors and architects, its no wonder why EPDM has such a good rating. It continues to be a top roofing material year after year.

It is not hard to install EPDM roofing, in fact, it will fit perfectly on slopes and different surfaces. When it is installed on a slope, it will properly drain water from storms. We give this a high rating for withstanding different elements and having a high resistance to damaging winds.

EPDM is one of the cleanest products you can get for the environment. It’s sustainable and has an energy star approval coating that lasts for years. It is very simple to install in any season of the year, making it versatile in different types of weather.

Environmental sustainability is also a big attribute with this type of material because it is high in emissivity which recycles any energy that is absorbed and reflects the energy of itself. Like TPO, The energy is reflected off into the atmosphere, instead of the intense heat being absorbed by the house. The saves people a lot of money each year – cutting their energy savings nearly in half.

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