Massachusetts Roofing Contractors | Flat Roof Snow Removal
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Flat Roof Snow Removal

Here at Eagle Rivet our services extend well into the winter time which include snow removal services. A blanket of fresh snow can be beautiful, however, it is a major hassle to get rid of from a roof. If you do not remove heavy snow from a roof, especially a flat roof, it can cause major damage. Instead of taking on this dangerous project yourself, let Eagle Rivet do the work for you.

Flat Roof Snow Removal


When heavy snow comes along, Eagle Rivet is ready with snow blowers, sanders and snow plows to perform the work you should not have to worry about! We also have loaders and dump trucks for very heavy snow, available to you as needed. Some of the services we perform throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York are:

  • Flat Roof Snow Removal
  • Pitched Roof Snow Removal
  • Residential Home Roof Snow Clearing
  • Remove Ice Dams on Roofs
  • Clear Ice from Gutters
  • Downspout Snow & Ice Clearing
  • Parking Lots
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Emergency Requests
  • Municipal Areas
  • Retail Locations
  • Driveways & Sidewalks

Our experts at Eagle Rivet specialize in many different roof services. Leave it to the experts who are passionate about what they do, and work well into the winter when snow storms blanket New England. So keep your peace of mind when snow comes around, and hire Eagle Rivet to remove snow from your commercial property.