Roof Waterproofing

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Waterproofing is a system to make structures waterproof using membranes or coatings. More advanced technology has been made with waterproofing materials including using more sophisticated membranes. Waterproofing systems are another division of Eagle Rivet. The division installs horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems that are installed beneath foundation walls, plaza decks, bridge decks, and green roofs. They are different from commercial roofing systems because the membrane is buried under pavement, pavers, earth and various other materials that support traffic.


Once the waterproofing system is installed, it is very difficult to go back and make changes or repairs. That is why they must be carefully installed, or it makes the process much more difficult. The waterproofing will have protective and drainage layers, along with filter fabrics and insulation. This will make the system much more reliable.

Systems Eagle Rivet is approved to install:

    • Hot and cold applies multi-ply bituminous built-up systems
    • PVC
    • Self-adhesive bituminous
    • Hot applied rubberized asphalt
    • Butly rubber
    • EPDM


Our Previous Waterproofing Projects Include:

  • II Poggio
  • University of Hartford Performing Arts
  • Aetna Data Center
  • Miss Porters School Roof Design
  • Bristol Hospital