Solar Roofing Installation

Solar roofing since the past couple of years has become an increasingly popular quality addition to any home. Due to energy savings, homeowners want solar panels now more than ever. We are trained in the precise design and installation of photo voltaic systems. To determine if your home is suited for solar panels, we will look at the geometry and geography. Your home’s location is important in order to determine how the sun rays hit your roof, the amount of sunlight hours, irradiance and insolation. We will compare your current energy plan to the solar panel plan to see if solar panels will best suit you.

When we determine the location and size of your home, then we can see what federal and state grants or energy suppliers you can qualify for. With this information and what you currently pay for electric energy will let you know about your savings, your out of pocket costs and lifelong costs.

Installing Solar Panels
The types of solar panels vary based on what is best for your home. These include: mono crystalline, poly crystalline and thin film panels. We will help you determine which type of solar panel is best for your home, along with the position and angle of the panels. We will use roof mount or rack mount attachment systems. To determine if your solar panels will be right for your home, contact us today.