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TPO, known as Thermoplastic PolyOlefin,  is an advanced roofing material used in many roofing projects. It’s one of the ones we recommend because it has many quality characteristics including better water resistance, resists damage, holds in heat and has a reflective design. Its demand has grown over the years with both roofing contractors and homeowners. Contractors want to work with a quality material that resists damage, excess heat, and lasts for years. Homeowners want something energy efficient, saving them money on heating and air conditioning, while protecting degradation from ozone. With this material you can have it all, and not worry about it wearing away in 5 years like shingle roofs.

TPO has many benefits to it which is why it’s one of the more popular roofing choices in the industry. They are a great single-ply roof material for flat roofs. It’s materials are: a blend of plastic polymers, rubber and fillers like fiberglass, talc or carbon. All of the materials are blended at a high temperature of 220 – 270 degrees Celsius which turns them into TPO. Steam is applied to give it a finishing touch.

The benefits of this material compared to many other materials is that TPO outnumbers different materials when it comes to flexibility, and can be installed mechanically, laid down with ballast or glued to the roof. TPO performs better than many materials, with one of the biggest reasons being that it resists damage and degrading from ozone and UV rays.

The reflectiveness from TPO the membrane preserves energy, which is ideal for both homeowners and businesses. The reflection absorbs less sunlight into the roof, which helps the house from overheating and saves energy. One of the newer models of TPO without a ballast reflects sunlight at about 80 to 90 percent , which gets the EPA’s Energy Star Qualification.

There are many different types of TPO, so you are able to find the perfect fit for your home or business. There are ones with different reflectiveness, thickness, width, etc. Contact us today for a free roof evaluation to see if TPO would be right for you!

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