A Roof for Every Need

A Roof for Every Need

Arburg North America Headquarters

Eagle Rivet has designed, updated and constructed roofs for a variety of buildings, clients, environments and budgets. We know that not every project is going to be the same, one size does NOT fit all. We are experts at replacing commercial building roofs, like the one we just completed for Arburg North America, a division of Arburg Inc., a producer of manufacturing machinery. When Arburg North America decided to move their corporate headquarters here in the United States to Rocky Hill, Ct. Eagle Rivet was able to provide them with everything they asked for in a brand new office building by both having a modern look, including 12 skylights to optimize natural light, and being highly efficient.

Corporate headquarters aren’t the only thing that Eagle Rivet’s industrial roofing specialists work on. Northwest Catholic High School needed to replace the failing roof system of their entire 110,000 square foot school building. As a place of learning it was imperative that Eagle Rivet complete this project entirely during the summer months so as not to disrupt classes or student and faculty life in any way, which I’m happy to say we were able to accomplish.

Commercial and industrial buildings are only part of what we do. Eagle Rivet has the knowledge and experience for all types of buildings in all sectors. Residential buildings, including our recently completed Meadow Farm Condominium Association, are as much a part of what we do as any industrial project. While Meadow Farm was a large scale residential operation, with 49 buildings in total; the principles, materials and care that we used there are the same that we use in all of our residential roofing jobs – no matter the size.

Meadow Farm

We are prepared for any type of job, even those with unusual parameters or unique characteristics. One in particular that stands out is from a roof that we did in Hartford. The building had two distinct and almost separate projects that needed to done. This building, located at 390 Capital Avenue, was in desperate need of a renovation as the city seeks to embrace its history through the upgrade and preservation of many buildings. A major part of the renovation on this particular commercial building was replacing the roof and improving the insulation. The caveat to this whole project was that part of the building needed a roof that is traditionally associated with residential buildings integrated with a commercial style flat roof. This was an unusual undertaking but one that shows the versatility and creative solutions that Eagle Rivet prides itself on. As a building in a historical area of downtown Hartford that has been converted from an office supply building to a residential property, maintaining the feel of its heritage while showcasing the modern use of the building was imperative.

The next time you’re looking for a roofing contractor to repair or replace a roof remember that Eagle Rivet can get the job done quickly and at a price that fits your budget while maintaining the highest quality of work.

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