November 2016 – Construction in Focus Magazine

November 2016 – Construction in Focus Magazine

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Eagle Rivet was featured in an article for the Construction in Focus magazine. The four page article on Eagle Rivet was titled “Taking on any job, no matter how big or how Tough.” We are thoroughly able to demonstrate that title everyday through the quality work that we do. We are a roofing company that tackles jobs most other roofing companies would not attempt. Many of our services include sustainable innovations and improvements to roofing. As the roofing industry has been slow to keep up with modern improvements, we always are staying on top of the latest cutting edge technology.

Since our customers are our main priority, many of them now make use of this technology and use smartphones. That’s why our company has to keep of with modern technology, so we made our site mobile responsive. This is an aspect to marketing that has really helped us keep up with millennials, and help to make our site convenient for them. Along with establishing a good customer relationship, having a great vendor and supplier relationship has helped our business tremendously. We hope to take opportunities in the future to find new ways to grow and deliver the great customer service and quality that has been delivered for years.


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