Quality Commercial and Residential Roofs in Boston

Quality Commercial and Residential Roofs in Boston

For quality roofs, you need a professional roofing contractor that has years of experience. Eagle Rivet has been in business for nearly a century, and has been providing craftsmanship in roof maintenance services. We serve all roofing services from roof design and construction to roof repair and restoration. Over the years, we have built up our stellar reputation, which shows our dedication to safety, cleanliness and the best possible service year after year.

We built many roofing systems over the years for satisfied customers. We do many roofing systems such as metal roofs, flat roofs, EPDM, TPO, vegetative roof, solar roofs and more! Our award winning company has constructed many buildings over the years from schools and hospitals to commercial offices and apartment buildings. They have performed many commercial and residential roofing projects over the years with the highest customer satisfaction.

Flat roof systems are the most common roof types for commercial buildings. Flat roof materials are most commonly EPDM and TPO. EPDM is known 

as the rubber roof, and is easily laid down with an adhesive and stays in place. EPDM is a lot easier to install than other flat roof materials and is lightweight. It also is a highly reflective material that reflects UV rays to keep the roof cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With TPO, it is also in the family of rubber roofing materials. TPO is more commonly used because it is less expensive and it is white. EPDM is naturally black but can come with a white laminated top. TPO is also easy to install, being screwed or attached adhesively. Both materials provide energy efficiency and are resistant to damage. 

Whether you choose EPDM or TPO, know that you are getting the top roofing materials in the industry. For flat roofs, these are the most widely used materials along with PVC. With an experience roofing company and using a material trusted by many roofers for years, you will have a roof that lasts. So contact Eagle Rivet today to have the roof that suits your building’s needs!

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