Here at Eagle Rivet, we look for the best products to pair with our top notch service and craftsmanship for roof maintenance and repair. Building a stable roof overhead is often the overlooked part of a building or home, but is the most essential to having a secure space. Here are some of the things that we consider to be an integral part of a positive customer experience:



We will show up at your home on time. We will be quiet and not disturb neighbors. We wont be receiving personal calls, or be listening to music. Our workers will not go in areas of the house where they do not belong. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we will show up according to what best fits your schedule.



We won’t leave any dangerous equipment out in the open that might be hazardous to a child. Our licenses are always up-to-date and our workers will only work in requested areas. We have insurance that covers up to 2 million dollars in case we accidentally damage your property (which hasn’t yet happened).



We have a no-tobacco and no-alcohol use on site at our company. We will not use your bathroom unless given permission. We will cover areas being worked on with drop cloths, and make sure no debris ends up on floors. We will make sure that we clean up any mess made sufficiently to your satisfaction.

We want to offer our clients the best service possible, which is why year after year we continue to receive awards. We have won 11 Master Contractor awards from Firestone, the Mohegan Tribal Government Safety Award, and Davinci Project of the Year (Just to name a few). If you would like to see a list of our awards, check out  our Professional Associations and References Page to download over 5 years of reference letters!