Roofing Design and Replacement in Even the Coldest Months!

Roofing Design and Replacement in Even the Coldest Months!

When people think of roof construction, they usually picture roofers working during the spring and early summer months. However, at Eagle Rivet, we service roofs throughout all seasons and weather. During these winter months, you may need roof repair or complete roof replacement. our Boston roofing contractors have nearly a century of experience with roof architecture and replacements helping the Massachusetts and Boston area with their commercial and residential roofs.

When it comes to commercial flat roof construction, we can help reconstruct or repair your roof with Boston EPDM flat roof. Even in the winter, roofs and buildings need upkeep as they experience roof warping from extreme weather, cracking, ice dams, attic condensation, strong winds and more. Especially with a flat roof, snow should be removed off the top of the roof to avoid excess weight which can lead to a concave roof for weaker or older flat roof materials.

With a roof replacement in the winter, you are going to have a stronger roof that will help your building be able to get through this harsh time of year. Flat roofs need to have the best materials like EPDM and TPO which are flexible to prevent cracking, especially during the cold winter months. With Boston flat roof construction, you are getting reliable roof materials that will prevent roof leaks and cracks and last for years!

Eagle Rivet services everything from institutions and commercial properties to industrial facilities and municipal projects. Ensure a long-lasting, useful life for your roof with environmentally friendly, cost-efficient roofing materials. Repairing or replacing your roof does not have to cost a fortune. With reliable flat roof materials, the harsh winters will not stand a chance!

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