EPDM is an ideal roofing material for any commercial buildings. It acts a roofing material and insulator in one, having you save on energy for your home or business while acting as a tough sealant against any weather elements. It is a material that is lightweight, and can be placed on top of your current roof with adhesives. Since it is durable and resists to wear and tear, it is the ideal material for commercial buildings. The colors EPDM comes is black and white, and the material is reflective to reflect sunlight off the roof back into the atmosphere.

EPDM is an extremely versatile material that can withstand temperatures up to 215 degrees Celsius. It is one of the top sealants that can also be used to seal things besides roofing. It resists from acids, alkali’s and extreme weather conditions. EPDM is commonly used by technicians in the automobile industry and roofing contractors in the construction industry. It has been one of the top widely used roofing products in the 21st century.

It is a lightweight material that is ideal for commercial flat roof buildings since it does not a lot of weight or pressure to the roof. It is also flexible during extreme heat or cold, and withstands from cracking with extreme weather. It provides superior resistance to ozone and UV, in which many other roofing materials cannot handle as well. It is also the main material used in construction, because it is reliable and durable time and time again. It is not only used as a roofing material, but is used in many common household products such as hoses, tubing, radiators, liners, washers and insulation. Since it has been present in so many common materials, its reliability is greater than other roofing materials and its years of usage will be much longer.

If you are interested in trying EPDM for your roof, contact us today! We have highly skilled MA epdm roofing contractors that will help you decide if EPDM is right for your home or business. EPDM has time after time, been the number one choice for contractors and construction workers for years!

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