Finding a Reliable Massachusetts Roofing Contractor to Perform Your Next Job

Finding a Reliable Massachusetts Roofing Contractor to Perform Your Next Job

Finding a Reliable Massachusetts Roofing Contractor requires research to find a company who is experienced to handle the job. At Eagle Rivet, we have over 100 years of roofing experience and can handle commercial and residential roofing jobs. We have received many manufacturer quality awards, and do our best to give you roofing at reasonable prices in this time of economic uncertainty. We install state-of-the-art roofing to give you a design that will impress and out perform other roofs. 

Types of Roofing Services That We Perform

At Eagle Rivet, we construct all roofing types from flat roofs to innovative vegetative and solar panel roofs. Many commercial roofs rely on flat roofs like Boston flat roof EPDM or TPO, which are widely trusted by contractors all over. The material is built to last and reflect heat, which will ultimately save you money on energy bills. They are used very easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for business owners. With energy savings and low maintenance, these are the ideal roof choices for long-term benefits.

Innovative Ideas for Commercial and Residential Roofs

Our roofers will meet with you to give you a custom roof built exactly to your home or building’s needs. Our detailed sketches of your roof design will go over the roofing system to use, insulation type, termination/ edge materials, fastening systems, etc. We are always up to date with the latest trends in roofing and design. We will only offer you the best and most reliable roofing materials that will withstand years of use. 

Our Boston commercial roofers at Eagle Rivet perform both roofing repairs and replacement to give you a reliable roof with cutting edge materials. Our full-service roofing company will perform small repairs to repairing major roof leaks and issues. Do not wait too long to replace your roof membrane, since it quickly degrades and will add on a lot of future costs. If you need roof repair or replacement, contact Eagle Rivet to construct your commercial or residential roof.

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