The Best Material for Your Commercial Flat Roof

The Best Material for Your Commercial Flat Roof

When you are in need of Massachusetts roofing contractors who are experienced with all of the latest in roofing materials and services, you can count on Eagle Rivet to help service your roof. With a free roofing estimate, you can find out exactly what your roof needs in order to sustain a long life. Eagle Rivet uses top materials for commercial roofing like EPDM and TPO, which deliver results time after time.

EPDM is a Material that Will Last with Your Boston Commercial Roofing

EPDM is one of the top choices among contractors since it is reliable, environmentally friendly and is reasonably priced. EPDM is a major technological advancement from roofs 20 years ago and continues to have great ratings among designers and contractors. EPDM is designed for commercial buildings that are in need or roof repair or replacement. With Boston commercial roof repair, you are getting a roofing application with an energy star approval rating along with the ability to resist wear, weathering and is one of the cleanest roofing materials for the environment.

TPO is Another Reliable Roofing Material to Use for Commercial Roofs

With Boston TPO roofing, it is similar to EPDM because it is a rubber roof that applies easily and reflects heat into the atmosphere instead of into the building. TPO may be more cost-effective but EPDM seems to last longer. TPO has a bit more stability that EPDM when it comes to shrinkage. EPDM material has a greater chance or shrinkage than TPO. But, EPDM performs better in colder climates and will last longer than TPO.

Eagle Rivet will help you to decide which roofing application is best for your commercial building. Both EPDM and TPO are reliable, economical and environmentally friendly materials that are meant to last. Contact Eagle Rivet today for a free roofing consultation to see which roofing material works best for your commercial roof type.

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