Flat Roofs Made Easy

Flat Roofs Made Easy

For a roofing contractor that specializes in commercial and residential roofing, trust Eagle Rivet as your Massachusetts roofing contractors. For roof replacement and repair, they are the most knowledgeable of the latest roofing technologies.They specialize in flat roof construction and repair, and will help your roof to look its absolute best. Eagle Rivet uses the best materials for flat roof construction such as EPDM and TPO.

You can trust our Boston roofing contractor to help you find the best materials and style for your roof. Whether you are constructing a roof for a school, government building, home, business, hospital and more – Eagle Rivet will help you to build a roof that lasts for years. EPDM is a great material because it withstands weathering, reflects sunlight and properly drains water off the roof. It helps to cut energy savings in half and is resistant to damage. If you would like a metal roof, trust our Boston metal roofing contractors.

TPO is similar to EPDM and is used for many roofing projects. It is another material that will save on energy as it reflects sunlight and has better water resistance. It is very flexible and reflects damage. It will not wear after 5 years like many shingle applications. This quality roofing application will resist heat, damage and last for many years.

Eagle Rivet services include roof maintenance and repair, solar roof installation, green roofs, flat roofs and more. To have a commercial or residential roof that uses the latest technology, contact Eagle Rivet today. You will soon see better roof performance with the quality materials used. Eagle Rivet dedicates their time to providing safe and professional roofing services, so you can have the roof of your dreams.

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