How to Select the Right Commercial Roof

How to Select the Right Commercial Roof

When selecting a commercial roof, there are many different options and materials to choose from. It can often be confusing choosing the which material will best suit your type of building.

First, you should consider the building requirements, and make sure that you are not violating any codes. Guidelines are laid out by different cities , which will make rules to roof installations different for many. Lighter colors like white will help to keep buildings cooler, which will keep energy costs low. Any material with a reflective coating can also achieve this, especially a white reflective coating. Spending less on a roofing system upfront may lead to future performance problems in the long run. You may be paying less at the time of purchase, but actually more money down the road.

Besides finding the right materials for your commercial building you also want to make sure that you find the right company. When you are installing your commercial flat roofing system, be sure to research each material. For flat roof systems, there are a few different types. There’s single-ply roofing (EPDM and TPO), built up roofing, metal roofing, vegetative roofing and solar roofing. The materials that are the most commonly used are singly-ply EPDM and TPO. The reason they are most used by roofing companies is their resistance to extreme elements and puncture, their energy efficiency and their long-lasting application. For a material that is durable and dependable for year, EPDM or TPO is a choice that will last.

Extend the life of your commercial roof by contacting Eagle Rivet today. Our team can help you to decide the right type of roof for your building, that will last you years of use. With a free consultation, you can learn about our different types of roof systems that are offered. From flat roof maintenance to commercial metal roofing – we can together find the perfect roof for your business.

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